About us

We’re a marketplace in which firms can find new talent and talent can find new firms. We carry vacancies for lawyers (including in-house and trainee lawyers) and professionals from non-legal backgrounds who work, or would like to work, in law.

We’re keen on promoting the legal sector as a whole, to help attract great people from other areas who otherwise wouldn’t consider moving into the profession.

Because we don’t allow agencies to advertise with us without naming their clients, candidates view our listings as being absolutely above board. And because we allow firms to build micro-sites explaining their culture and recruitment needs at length, candidates can find out a lot more about what’s on offer before they get in touch. Using these micro-sites, firms themselves can tell a more compelling story about why it’s great to work for them rather than their competitors.

We think this is a more professional way to do online legal recruitment, and hope you agree. If you’d like to comment on any of our services, please let us know.


I’m a recruitment consultant and would like to advertise a role without disclosing the employer. Is this possible?

No. We regret that, in order to maintain the authenticity of our service, all clients must be mentioned in consultancy recruitment advertisements. You may co-brand your advertisement with your client, of course.

How complicated and time-consuming is the advertising process?

Not at all. We’re one of the few sites on the market with an administrative team that can manage the whole process on a client’s behalf. This includes editing copy, optimising it for web searchability, checking grammar and ensuring legal compliance. If you’d like to find out how the system works, please talk to a dedicated account manager (you can do this by phoning or emailing us).

Am I going to receive hundreds of irrelevant CVs?

Whilst we can’t guarantee how many candidates will apply to your advert, our marketing activity is highly targeted and designed to attract only the best and most relevant candidates. If a manageable response is very important to you, then we strongly recommend that you use filtering questions, details of which can be found on our Recruiters page or by calling us.

What if there are sensitivity issues around advertising the role?

We understand that at times recruitment can be tricky, and so under certain circumstances we can allow you (as a direct client) to keep some information confidential from job seekers. (This might be the salary level perhaps, or even the name of your firm.) We warn you, though, that advertisements that do not carry such information are likely to attract fewer applicants, and insist that if you do advertise a role confidentially then you provide evidence that you are indeed a direct employer.

If you’re having any trouble posting jobs, receiving applications of have any other questions about the site, please contact us on 020 7749 0190 or email us.